Making Time For Reading With Busy Summer Schedules

Summer is my favorite season, but let’s be honest summers can get a little crazy! Between home/work obligations, the kids out of school, sports, vacations, social gatherings, and birthdays, finding time to read can feel challenging. Reading in the summer is so crucial to help prevent the summer slide. The summer slide is academic loss that happens during extended time away from school. Children who don’t read during the summer can lose up to three months of reading progress. This could mean spending the first six weeks next fall re-learning old material to make up for the summer slide. Here are six simple and achievable actions you can try to fit more reading in daily during these busy summer months.

Utilize Audiobooks on the Go

I truly believe the benefits of listening to a book are just as valuable as reading one. This is such an easy action you can add to increase daily reading intake. Either download an audiobook on your phone and stream it through your car speakers while you’re jetting from here to there or on a nice long roadtrip. You can even pick something the whole family will love. Another option is to have a device specifically for your child to listen to audiobooks on with headphones. We love our Yoto player and they recently added a Yoto mini player to their inventory. They are perfect for on the go! You can purchase their cards that have stories, songs, meditations, and more. The player can also be controlled with an app on your phone and has free material in their library. Click here to check out a yoto mini player for your kiddos.

Keep Books in the Car

This is another trick we love to use. There’s nothing better than a book basket in the car filled with favorite books, interactive books, and activity books. Having a book basket accessible comes in handy on a long car ride, when you’re stuck in traffic, or if you’re out running errands. Kids are likely to reach for a book when they’re bored if it’s right within arms reach.

Read a Book With A Meal

Chances are even with a packed schedule you’re eating at least one meal at home. Keep a chapter book or storybook on the table to pick up and read aloud when the family sits down together. Not only is this a great way to get 10-15 minutes of reading in, it’s a great bonding experience.

Pack Books For Vacation

While packing light is important, find a way to pack a few books for kiddos (and you!) Think a chapter book for reading together, a favorite board, picture, or chapter book your child that they can enjoy independently, a couple activity books (workbooks, coloring books, or sticker books), and of course a novel for you.

Watch the Movie, Then Read the Book

This is a great technique for building excitement for your readers. Watching a movie only takes a couple of hours, but your children have now absorbed and enjoyed the characters and plot, reading the book version will easily intrigue them. This also gives you material to read a little every day, before bed is a great time for this!

Visit a Bookstore While Traveling

The benefit of packing light on the literature is you’ll have room to bring a book goodie home with you. There’s nothing better than checking out a local independent bookstore. They usually have friendly staff and so much character. You can even make this is a family tradition. Grabbing a book while on vacation can become your souvenir, how novel!

I hope you find these ideas useful this summer and they help your family add a little more reading into your busy summer schedules!

-Happy Reading-

Little Bookworm Club