Travel Survival Bundles

Summer is officially upon us and I know many of us will be planning roadtrips or preparing for flights to summer destinations. Our first upcoming trip is in June to Oklahoma for my UBAM convention and to see my parents and siblings who live there! Now having a busy toddler, this prompted me to really think about what few books I could pack for the plane that would keep him entertained and be fairly mess free. I wanted to help take the guesswork out of it for you by presenting these travel survival bundles for all ages!

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That’s Not My Plane– “That’s Not My” series is so perfect for babies! The easy to turn board book pages are perfect for little hands and the tactile surfaces are highly engaging. There are so many titles to choose from in this series but the plane one is particularly festive for a first plane ride!

Baby Animals Who Is the Cutest of Them All? – Babies love to see themselves in the mirror. This interactive board book has fun cut-throughs, sweet animal sounds, colorful illustrations, and the cutest critter of them all, you’re sweet little one!

Baby’s Very First Bus Book– This series was one of my son’s favorites as a baby. Shaped like a bus, this chunky board book has working wheels. Babies will love spotting all the animals on the bus, spinning the thick cardboard wheels, and pushing it along the floor, tables, and other surfaces.

Baby’s Very First Slide and See Things That Go– This is another highly interactive series for babies. It has sliding panels and tabs that reveal secret images beneath. This book is perfect for developing hand-eye coordination.

Water Wonders in The Ocean– This is one of the books I’ll be taking on our trip in June. Colors appear like magic when you wet the white parts of the illustrations. The color fades when the water dries, so you can “paint” them again and again. I will be bringing either a small sponge or rag in a Ziploc to use as a “brush”.

Little Children’s Drawing Book– I feel like a coloring book is a must to bring with travel! This drawing activity book introduces little ones to drawing and pen control. Children can learn how to draw squiggles, wiggles, spots, stripes, curly lines, straight lines, and lots more.

Little Stickers Travel– Sticker books are another great traveling activity book. Easy to pack and mess free, this travel themed sticker book is perfect for any trip.

Feed The Animals– I’m excited about bringing this new release on our trip. You can choose from the five food pieces, drop them in the slot, and help fill their empty tummies. With only 5 pieces to keep track of this book is pretty low maintenance, but lots of fun! Kiddos will love feeding their hungry animal friends.

Build Your Own Space Warriors– This super-cool sticker book for little boys! It features 11 of the deadliest warriors in the galaxy, from a ninja cyborg to an alien time-traveler. Kids will find the right stickers and fix them in place to build each warrior.

Sticker Dolly Dressing Mermaids– In contrast this is a super cute sticker books for little girls! They will use the colorful stickers to dress the characters in beautiful outfits and costumes. The scenes depict a magical undersea world where mermaids swim with dolphins, hunt for precious pearls, explore an ice cave, and find a treasure chest.

Freddie’s Amazing Bakery The Great Raspberry Mix Up– An entertaining short chapter book is perfect for a plane ride. This early reader chapter book is perfect for ages as young as 5 years old! This series is filled with mystery, humor, and delicious pastries. (It even includes a recipe in the back)

100 Things to do on a Plane– This is the perfect activity book for a plane ride, for ages as young as 6. It is packed full of games, puzzles, mazes, and more. It is filled with individual and group activities, these books are sure to keep children (and adults) amused for hours!

Inventions Scribble Book– Behold the antidote to boredom at last! Whether it’s a long road trip or flight, kiddos will never get bored with these books. Perfect for ages 8+. Kids can invent ways to reuse a plastic bag, design their own robot, discover accidental inventions and much more in this write-in activity book. It’s filled with inventions to brainstorm, puzzles to solve and objects to design.

Write Your Own Story Word Book– The Write Your Own story books are full of inspiring ideas for all kinds of different stories, with writing tips to help kids. This book is packed full of words to help with creating characters, setting scenes, and writing exciting stories. There’s also plenty of space to build your own word bank.

Graphic Classics the Wizard of Oz– These graphic classics are perfect for reluctant readers and ages 10+. They are entertaining and action-packed, providing a great gateway to somewhat difficult stories for reluctant readers to learn to enjoy. Who doesn’t love a classic like the Wizard of Oz?! There are many other intriguing titles in the series.

100 Things to Know About Food– The books in this series break info down into bite-sized chunks, making it an accessible introduction for anyone who wants to find out about these fascinating subjects. This eye-catching graphics-style information book is filled with one hundred interesting facts to learn about food. Kids will love to impress their friends (and parents) with the weird and wonderful facts in this entertaining book!

The A-Z Knock-Knock Joke Book– Each book in this series is packed with 300 hilarious one-line jokes arranged from A to Z. Ideal for sharing out loud on a long road trip!

Hotel Flamingo– This would make a fun family read aloud on a long trip. When young Anna inherits a dilapidated once-grand hotel, she’s determined to restore it to its former glory, but this is no ordinary hotel – all her staff and guests are animals! As she soon finds out though, running an animal hotel is no easy task.

General Knowledge Trivia Questions– Have the whole family put their general knowledge to the test with these lively trivia questions, crammed full of kings, explorers, animals, movies and more. Filled with individual and group activities, these books are sure to keep the family entertained for hours.

100 Things to Know About Saving the Planet– Is there a better subject to learn about together as a family? This visually stunning book is filled with 100 fascinating facts about looking after our planet, bright, infographic illustrations, and links to specially selected websites to find out more.

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