Rainy Day Activity Books for all ages

Now that we are fully in the swing of Spring, there will be copious amounts of rainy days. When you’re stuck indoors with the kiddos and don’t want to rely too heavily on screens, it’s always good to have some activities at the ready. UBAM has you covered! We offer a fun array of games, puzzles, and activity books, for all ages. (even adults!)

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  1. Fingerprint Activities: Backyard– Little fingers won’t be able to resist these fun little ink pads! This book is part of a much larger series, each are loaded with different ideas & projects that will spark creativity. The ink is non-toxic & fairly mess free, we just keep a warm wet rag close by for easy clean-up.
  2. First Magic Painting Farm– This First Magic Painting series is new! We’ve had the original Magic Painting series for some time, but I was so glad to see something designed specifically for littles. These have big, bold, and fun images to paint rather than the intricate designs of the original series.
  3. Little Children’s Dough Play Book This is currently one of our FAVORITE activity books. This one is also brand new, and it’s just plain ole’ fun! This book will inspire kiddos to transform their dough into all kinds of things they may not have thought of before. With easy to follow instructions children will roll and flatten the dough into shapes, and press them onto the pictures on the pages of the book. The book is non-stick and requires minimal to no cleaning after play.
  4. Little Children’s Drawing Book – This darling activity book introduces drawing and pen control to your little ones. Children can learn how to draw squiggles, wiggles, spots, stripes, curly lines, straight lines, and lots more.
  5. Little Stickers Diggers and Cranes– UBAM seriously has a boatload of sticker books to choose from. They cover any and every topic a kiddo would be interested in. We are a fan of diggers in this house. These books help toddlers develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.
  6. Animal Matching Game– Our matching games are a great way to help children improve memory, recognition, and communication skills! There are two different games to choose from (instructions included) and children will have so much fun while learning about new animals.
  1. Wipe-Clean Dinosaur Activities– These wipe clean books are such a fantastic learning resource, as well as fun activity. They provide a lot of opportunity to practice pen control and essential skills needed to learn to write. The best part, you wipe it away and do it all over again. Repetition is such a key component of learning.
  2. You Choose– This ever-changing story encourages creativity, autonomy, and decision making skills. The reader gets to choose every detail of the story (what kid doesn’t love that!?) With simple text and detailed illustrations, this book is great for pre-readers and emerging readers alike. Be prepared, this book sparks lots of discussion, curiosity, and snuggles!
  3. 100 Paper Dragons to Fold & Fly– This is such a cool activity book. Kiddos can choose from 100 different tear-out sheets with 4 different fold designs. They will fill the sky with fearsome fire-breathers, many-headed monsters, and mysterious sea creatures.
  4. Color & Pop-Up Mermaids– Aren’t pop-up books the best?! This series allows kiddos to color and create their own pop-up books. Each book has 8 spreads and 8 press-out characters to color. After you press out the pieces, you follow the instructions to glue the pieces in place to create a magical pop-up book.
  5. Cinderella – Book & Jigsaw Puzzle (30 pcs)– This 30-piece book & jigsaw puzzle combo is the perfect activity for kinders. Puzzles help develop hand-eye coordination & promote problem solving skills. UBAM has so many different puzzle/book topics to choose from. There’s something to fit every kiddo’s interests.
  6. Build Your Own Monster Truck Sticker Book– I’m a big fan of this popular series. Using the stickers provided, kids can build 10 awesome monster trucks. Kids will match the different parts, wheels, and accessory stickers to the correct spots to create awesome monster truck models. These books strengthen fine motor & critical thinking skills.
  1. Can You Escape the Video Game? – This activity book is perfect for gamers and something that the whole family can enjoy. Create an escape room experience in the comfort of your own home. There is an envelope in the back of the book containing press-out die-cut card sheets. Players will use the clues to solve puzzles and crack the code to reach the next video game level.
  2. Fortune Tellers to Fold– When I saw this activity book, I got so excited. When I was in school, we called these little folded paper games, “cootie catchers”! This pad contains 50 different fortune tellers to fold, some pre-filled and some blank, so you can create your own. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to learn how to fold and use them. Many of the fortune tellers have hidden messages & themes. This activity book brought back so many elementary school memories.
  3. Start to Cook– One fun (and yummy!) thing to do on a rainy day is make comfort food or baked goodies. This is the perfect beginner cookbook for any age. There are more than 150 jargon-free recipes, with step by step illustrated instructions, covering everything from making a sandwich to baking a cake.
  4. Tree of Life: Book & Jigsaw Puzzle (300 pcs)– This beautiful Tree of Life jigsaw 300-piece puzzle is accompanied by a 16-page book that explores the whole tree of life. From microscopic bacteria to whole rainforest ecosystems, this book is packed with information about how life works, what makes a living thing, and all sorts of the Earth’s amazing plants and animals.
  5. The Greatest Magician in the World This novelty gift book makes an awesome gift for any kiddo interested in magic. It has a cast of kooky magicians and everything you need to perform seven jaw-dropping magic tricks!
  6. Historical Sticker Dolly Dressing 1960s Fashion This is a great sticker book for older kiddos. As they play, they’ll learn about historical culture and how fashion was influenced by the era. There are labels on the sticker sheets that assist in knowing where to place the stickers, (fashion items) which model they belong to, and the order in which they are placed.
  1. Llama Embroidery Kit– Who doesn’t love a fun craft activity or to learn a new skill? This kit contains everything you need to embroider, frame, and hang a magical llama design. The book included gives you simple, step-by-step instructions showing you exactly what to do at every step.
  2. My Year of Writing– This whole series is so intriguing to me. There are prompts for each day of the year, including word associations, stories, jokes, and more. This book will help young writers discover their own personal creativity, fire up their imaginations, and hone their writing skills. The books in this set would be great for a child and parent to do together as a shared activity. (Each with their own books!)
  3. Write and Design Your Own Magazines– This is one of the books from Usborne’s” Write Your Own” series, this book explains how to make homemade magazines from scratch. With step-by-step instructions and useful tips, readers will learn about making comics, writing advice columns, printing magazines, and finding readers.
  4. The Unhurry Book– This is the perfect activity book for busy minds. It is all about taking a little time to breathe, focus, and be calm. Try a little yoga, color in soothing squiggles, and practice other relaxation activities, with the help of this book. This would be great for adults too!
  5. Technology Scribble Book– This STEM series for older kids is so neat. Perfect for a rainy day, this book explores all sorts of technology, from creating movies and games, to transportation, drones, and medicine. It’s full of problem-solving activities, exploration of concepts, and ideas of things to invent, design, and create.
  6. Never Get Bored Draw and Paint– This “Never Get Bored” series is one of my favorites. My adolescent heart soared when I saw the draw and paint edition. There are ideas for portraits, patterns, optical illusions and more, so you’ll soon have enough artwork for your own exhibition — and this book will show you how to stage one too.
  1. The Unworry Magic Painting Book– I have a copy of one of these for myself and honestly, it is so therapeutic. I’ll often sit down after my son has gone to bed and just take my time to complete one picture. The colors emerge so beautifully and like magic, with just a wet brush.
  2. Origami Tear-Off Pad– Speaking of therapeutic this tear-off pad teaches the basics of the ancient Japanese art of origami. You will learn to create objects from a single sheet of folded paper. You will learn how to make five different designs – swans, butterflies, foxes, frogs, and boats. This tear-out pad contains 100 sheets of patterned paper.
  3. Survival Skills Handbook: Volume 2– The adventurers at heart will be captivated by this how to series. Bear Grylls will teach vital survival skills – expedition planning, first aid, tracking, and signaling – to stay safe in the wild and be able to cope in all situations.
  4. Inspirational Quotes Who doesn’t love an adult coloring book? This is a large-format coloring/poster book which allow readers to color and decorate uplifting, motivational words and beautiful artwork. Printed on perforated paper so each page can be easily removed.
  5. Travel Journal– This illustrated write-in activity book gives adventurers inspiration about exciting things to do and see across the globe. Featuring checklists and writing prompts, readers will imagine dream vacations. It also includes tips on how to capture & document special memories of real trips.
  6. Can You Escape the Museum? -A rainy day activity the whole family will love. Encounter terrifying dinosaurs, spooky Ancient Egyptians, vicious Vikings, and fearsome knights. Players will use the press-out clues to find their way out of a series of mysterious museum galleries. It’s an escape room experience in the comfort of your own home!

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