15+ Thanksgiving/Gratitude Books



With Thanksgiving a week away I wanted to share some of our favorite books that celebrate gratitude and togetherness. I also included a few titles new this year!

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The Grumbles by Tricia Goyer & Amy Parker; Illustrated by Monica De Rivas, 2021
Recommended ages 4-8

The Grumbles are a happy family…well most the time. But when daddy sees the water bill and mommy sees the pile of laundry they start..well grumbling. When Grandma Grateful pays them a visit, the Grumbles see that they may be able to change their grumbling ways. 

Thanksgiving in the Woods by Phyllis-Alsdurf; Illustrated by Jenny Lovlie, 2017
Recommended ages 4-8

A lovely Thanksgiving book written from the author’s own experiences and Thanksgiving traditions growing up. The book features warm cozy scenes, people gathered around long tables of food, bonfires, and music being played. Readers will delight in the illustrations and the theme of togetherness.

Bear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson; Illustrated by Jane Chapman, 2012
Recommended ages 3-8

Bear wants to host a nice big dinner with his friends..only problem is his cupboards are empty! Each friend begins to arrive and brings an edible gift to share. Bear feels terrible that he has nothing to offer. His friends assure them they are thankful for his company and storytelling, and that is enough. A beautiful story about being together and sharing with one another. Kiddos will love the repeated line, “Bear says thanks”!

The Great Thanksgiving Escape by Mark Fearing, 2017
Recommended ages 5-8

This book is full of laughs and holiday fun. When Gavin arrives at Grandma’s for another Thanksgiving, he’s sure he’ll be bored to death. His cousin Rhonda has her own ideas and they decide to create their own fun. But there are many obstacles to get past, vicious guard dogs, the hall of overly adoring aunts, the great wall of butts, and tv zombies in the basement. Once they finally reach the back door they see it start to pour rain. Will they let the rain ruin their fun?

Porcupine’s Pie by Laura Renauld; Illustrated by Jennie Poh, 2018
Recommended ages 4-8

Porcupine plans to make her usual Famous Cranberry Pie for Fall Feast Day. However, on her way to the river to wash her cranberries she encounters a few of her friends who do not have enough ingredients to make their usual dishes, Porcupine sends them over to her house to collect what they need. When Porcupine makes it to the river she realizes her bucket is empty! Luckily her friends step in to lend a hand and from it the beautiful creation, Friendship Pie is formed. 

Peyton Picks the Perfect Pie by Jack Bishop; Illustrated by Michelle Mee Nutter, 2020
Recommended ages 4-8

Peyton is what most people would consider picky, but she insists she is just particular about the food she eats. It can’t be gooey, gummy, sticky, slimy, frosted, or flaky. Peyton decides she is going to try one new food at Thanksgiving dinner..pie. All her loved ones bring many different unique pies, only problem is they all look a little sticky or flaky. Will Peyton stick to her plan and try new food. This is such a fun book with a diverse cast and big loving family.

A Little Thanksgiving Spot by Diane Alber, 2020
Recommended ages 4-8

A Little Thanksgiving Spot is here to show two siblings and readers what the true meaning of Thanksgiving is, being thankful. He shows them how to make a gratitude list, practice positive thinking, and how be thankful every day of the year. This book even includes a thankful worksheet for readers to use.

Llama Llama Gives Thanks by Anna Dewdney, 2017
Recommended ages Baby-3

No Holiday is complete without a Llama Llama book! Little Llama is back to give thanks and share with readers in this adorable rhyming board book. 

A Little Thankful Spot by Diane Alber, 2020
Recommended ages 5-7

Much like A Little Thanksgiving Spot, this Spot teaches readers to notice the daily blessings, practice gratitude, and show thankfulness. 

Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes; Illustrated by Doris Barrette, 2008
Recommended ages 4-8

This book reminds readers of all the things they can be thankful for. Thanks for school, music, and art. Thanks for umbrellas, rain boots, and puddles. Thanks for cozy mommy cuddles. But most of all thanks for family. This book includes a page in the back to write thankful thoughts year after year. 

The Thank You Dish by Trace Bella, 2017
Recommended ages 4-8

Grace and her mom consider all the contributions is took to make their meal. From the road workers to the flower tree, to the rain, soil, and sunshine. They find they have a lot to be thankful for. 

Thankful by Elaine Vickers; Illustrated by Samantha Cotterill, 2021
Recommended ages 4-8

On a snowy day a little girl writes down the things she’s thankful for on little strips of paper and makes a paper chain with them by linking them together. She finds she has so much to be thankful for that her chain continues to grow longer and longer. This book is a beautiful reminder to cherish the small everyday blessings. Creating your own paper chain would be a great craft pairing activity with the book. 

The Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey by Lucille Colandro; Illustrated by Jared Lee, 2016
Recommended ages 4-6

The famous old lady who swallows an awful lot is back in this book to bring you a Thanksgiving celebration. These books make such fun readalouds!

The Night Before Thanksgiving by Natasha Wing; Illustrated by Tammie Lyon, 2001
Recommended ages 4-8

No holiday would be complete without Natasha Wing’s The Night Before books. The books in this series make the perfect read-aloud and are so fun to share the night before the holiday. Follow along as the food is prepared, family is greeted, and everyone gathers to be together and feast. 

Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano; Illustrated by Lee Harper, 2009
Recommended ages 3-7

Turkey has a problem, a big problem! It’s almost Thanksgiving and he is the main course. Luckily he has an idea to disguise himself. After many hilarious failures, Turkey may prove to have the most brilliant idea yet.

The Gracious Gobbler by Megan Delgado; Illustrated Gabriela Moreno, 2019
Recommended ages 2+

If you’re looking for a new Thanksgiving tradition, look no further! The Gracious Gobbler bundle (book, plush, and cards) is a great place to start. The book explains the Gobbler’s role in your house, but in short he is there to make sure everyone in the family is practicing kindness and gratitude. The note cards are to be left every morning from the Gracious Gobbler over the month of November.