“Volveré De Nuevo- I Will Come Back” Review


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This sweet bilingual book is great for military families, children whose parents travel for work, or just children struggling with being apart from a loved one. Separation from the ones they love can be very difficult for children. Even small separations such as being at daycare/school for the day, being with a babysitter during date night, or having an overnight with family. This book is a great reminder that they are loved no matter the distance and that their loved ones will return. It’s also a declaration of the unending love a parent has for their child.

With sweet lyrical verses it will touch the hearts of children and adults alike. The illustrations are heartwarming and easy to connect with. I love that not only is there an important message, but it introduces a second language, whether that be English or Spanish for the reader. This book is an absolute treasure and would make a great gift or be an addition to any home

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