Egg Dyed Friends Inspired by “The Great Eggscape”

The Great Eggscape by Jory John; Illustrated by Pete Oswald, 2020
Recommended ages 4-8

Shel is kind of a loner, so when the rest of the dozen go for an Eggscape to frolic and play, Shel stays behind to enjoy the peace and quiet. But when his friends don’t come back before lunch Shel gets worried and goes looking for them. Once he finds his now colorful friends, he discovers how much fun camaraderie and play can be. He vows to be at the next Eggscape. This adorable book includes over 150 stickers to decorate your own egg friends”

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“Egg Dyed Friends”

Dyeing eggs can be so much fun and there are many different techniques to try. You can buy a simple kit, do natural-dyed eggs, shaving cream Easter eggs, watercolor Easter eggs, string wrapped Easter eggs, and so many more. You can find many how to’s and tutorials online, experiment to see what you like! Since it was my son’s first year we just started with a simple store bought kit but I can’t wait to experiment with many other ways through the years.

Not only is this book adorable and festive it comes with two pages of stickers (150+) to replicate some of the lovable character in this book as well as decorate stickers too.

If you guys have this book too or choose to purchase it and do this activity, share it on Instagram and tag us! (I’m on Instagram as @littlebookwormclub) we’d love to see it!