Board Books for Toddlers We Love


These 10 books are our absolute favorite board books on our shelves. I wanted to share them with everyone.

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Little Places- America Is… by Silver Dolphin Books, 2020
Recommended ages 0-2

In this adorable shaped board book primer learn about historical landmarks and places that represent what America stands for. Children will love these chunky shaped pages and bright illustrations.

Rosa Loves Dinosaurs by Jessica Spanyol, 2018
Recommended ages 1-3

A lovely board book that celebrates diversity and promotes gender equality. Follow Rosa and her friends as they play with their favorite dinosaurs and explore their imagination.

Babies Love Things That Go by Scarlett Wing, 2015
Recommended ages 0-2

This book will introduce babies and toddlers to things that go with simple sentences. The sturdy flaps reveal colorful depictions of a fire truck, boat, train, plane, rocket, and ice-cream truck. Children will love to help turn the pages and open the flaps all while refining their fine motor skills.  

One Red Sock by Jennifer Sattler, 2019
Recommended ages 0-5

We love this silly board book that teaches colors through a little hippo who can’t find a matching sock. With a fun rhyming text and adorable illustrations, this is a book the whole family will adore.

Get Dressed Sasquatch by Kyle Sullivan; Illustrated by Derek Sullivan, 2015
Recommended ages 1-7

This is one of our favorite board books. It has a witty storyline, brilliant rhymes, and silly illustrations. A rule abiding ranger stumbles across Sasquatch and they’re unclear if he has to follow the rules and wear clothes.

My Heart Grows by Michael Arndt, 2020
Recommended ages 0-3

This board book is gorgeous with colorful die-cut outs that build upon each other to make one stunning illustration. The message is just as sweet teaching children how to give and receive love.

A Narwhal and Jelly Board Books- Bubbles by Ben Clanton, 2021
Recommended ages 0-3

Jelly is so excited to show his friend the bubbliest bubble, until Narwhal accidentally pops it with his tusk-tooth. Luckily the sea is filled with bubbles and Narwhal takes Jelly on an adventure to see them all. This delightful board book demonstrates the beauty of friendship, creativity, and play.

Baby Oceanographer by Laura Gehl; Illustrated by Daniel Wiseman, 2019
Recommended ages 2-4

I love non-fiction books for toddler! Baby oceanographer explores and teaches the reader about the oceans. You’ll discover underwater plants and animals in this fun board book.

Oink-Oink! Moo! Cock-a-Doodle-Doo by Jennifer Sattler, 2019
Recommended ages 1-5

A silly board book that introduces animals and their sounds even when they’re doing activities, like riding a bike or taking a bath! Little readers will love to make the noises and play along. This book teaches other concepts too like shapes, colors, and counting.

You’re My Little Honey Bunny by Natalie Marshall, 2019
Recommended ages 0-2

The board book would make a lovely Easter basket gift. This story celebrates the love between a parent and child with rhyming text, interactive components, and gorgeous die cutouts.