This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens 

Minnie has a chip on her shoulder, if you had a name like Minnie Cooper you would too! Minnie was born on New Year’s Day and one thing she knows for sure is she has bad luck on New Year’s Eve. It’s all because of a guy she’s never met, Quinn Hamilton who shares her birthday and stole her intended name.

Minnie and Quinn’s mothers were delivering at the same time in 1990. That year London was giving a cash prize for the first baby born on January 1st. Quinn’s mom Tara, who was a delicate soft-spoken woman, was struggling in labor. Minnie’s mom, Connie was right next to her in triage. Connie was a strong-willed stubborn woman. She assists Tara in helping her labor move along and ends up having her baby just minutes before Connie, winning the prize money but worst of all giving her baby the name Connie shared she’d plan to name hers.

Minnie attends a New Year’s party with her current boyfriend, Greg and experiences the same spell of bad luck. After being vomited on and locked in a bathroom all night at this party, low and behold the gentleman to find her and rescue her is none other than Quinn Hamilton. The book follows the two as they continue to have chance meet ups and indescribable chemistry. There seems to always be something stopping the two of them from falling for each other, whether it be Quinn’s commitment issues or Minnie’s defensive walls. In the end they may discover the universe has been pulling them together for longer than either had imagined.

This is a cute feel-good romance story, but it was a bit slow and predictable. I felt that the entire book focused on them building up to this big finish, but the ending wasn’t completely satisfying. There were some really great parallels and synchronicities built into the story that gave me literal chills. Overall, I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a light fun romance novel.