7 Books to Read in Celebration of President’s Day

Here are some books from our personal collection that we highly recommend and feel are great to read in honor of President’s day!

This Little President- A Presidential Primer by Joan Holub; Illustrated by Daniel Roode, 2016
Recommended ages 3-5

This board book is a great introduction to the presidency. It explains in simple words the president’s role in our country and highlights some of the more famous president’s in history. On the last page it has a chart of all our past presidents.

P is for President by Wendy Cheyette Lewison; Illustrated by Valerio Fabbretti, 2016
Recommended ages 3-5

Discover what it means to be president in this informational picture book. Learn about campaigns and the duties of being president, it’s a big job! Information about historically important presidents is included here too. Do you have what it takes to be president?

President’s Day by Anne Rockwell; Illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell, 2009
Recommended ages 4-8

Watch a group of children as they put on a play to celebrate President’s day and share with the other students what they’ve learned. At the end of the day, they even vote for classroom president. This picture book is a great patriotic primer.

George Washington’s Breakfast by Jean Fritz; Illustrated by Paul Galdone, 1969
Recommended ages 7-10

Meet George, he feels connected to George Washington because they share a name and a birthdate. This makes him want to know everything about him. George does not give up when he wants an answer to a question. One morning he wonders what George Washington ate for breakfast, his grandmother agrees to cook it for him if he can find the answer, she vows cook but not help look. A story about insatiable curiosity and access to information.

Abe Lincoln’s Dream by Lane Smith, 2012
Recommended ages 5-9

Quincy is on a school tour at the White House. She’s separated from the group and discovers the ghost of Abe Lincoln. Together they journey across the country and find answers to questions Lincoln has about the development of the US. This picture book is comedic, stirring, and strange in the best way.

If I Ran for President by Catherine Stier; Illustrated by Lynne Avril, 2008
Recommended ages 4-8

Follow a young boy as he envisions all the awesome things he would get to do if he ran for president and also all the hard work he’d have to put in. This informational storybook is a great primer about the election process.

Duck for President by Doreen Cronin; Illustrated by Betsy Lewin, 2004
Recommended ages 4-8

Duck works on a farm taking out trash, mowing the lawn, and grinding coffee beans. Duck is tired and decides to hold an election to provide a kinder, gentler farm. Follow him as he works his way from farmer, to governor, and possibly even president! Duck realizes along the way all this being in charge business is hard work.