Bathtime Books for Toddlers We Love

Bathtime can be so much fun and these are some of our favorites to enjoy during our bathtime/bedtime routine.

Animal Bathtime by Penny Rose; Illustrated by Zoe Waring, 2018
Recommended ages 1-3

Follow these silly animals as they get squeaky clean. The bright illustrations and easy rhymes will help children discover their own bathtime/bedtime routines.

I Dig Bathtime by Brooke Jorden; Illustrated by Ekaterina Ladatko, 2018
Recommended ages 1-5

This is such a darling book for any digger lover! Join Bulldozer and friends as they scrub-a-dub-dub. With fun accurate illustrations your little while love identifying each type of digger. Everyone will dig bathtime!

Tubby by Leslie Patricelli, 2010
Recommended ages 0-3

Follow Baby in his bathtime routine in this adorable book! He makes bubble disguises bubbles, from a poodle to Santa, acts like a motorboat, and soaks the floor by running away naked and squeaky clean. Leslie Patricelli creates a joyful representation of bathtime with brilliant colors and cheerful words.

Bath! Bath! Bath! By Douglas Florian; Illustrated by Christiane Engel, 2018
Recommended ages 0-2

This board book makes bathtime fun, fun, fun! As a fun day comes to an end it’s time scrub, wash those tiny toes, and clean your arms and back. The rhyming and repetitive text makes this a fun read aloud that kids will love!

Time for a Bath by Phillis Gershator; Illustrated by David Walker, 2016
Recommended ages 0-3

This follows little bunny for bathtime in each season. After digging holes, playing in the sand, splashing in muddle puddles, and doing art projects it’s time for a bath. This cute story reminds kids to have fun and get dirty because there’s always bathtime to get clean.

Tiger, Tiger Time to Take a Bath by Jo Lodge, 2018
Recommended ages 0-2

This book is so much fun with its sliding tabs and silly animals. What do you if your ears are dirty, your nose is stuffed, or your hair is a mess? These animals will teach your toddler how to care for themselves while making them smile. The bright bold pictures and rhyming text bring this bath book to life.

Wild! Bathtime by Courtney Dicmas, 2014
Recommended ages 1-3

Bathtime with babies can be a fun crazy mess and it is with these animals too! This book perfectly illustrates how bathtime can be a bonding experience with fun, laughter, and love.

How to Bathe your Little Dinosaur by Jane Clarke; Illustrated by Georgie Birkett, 2015
Recommended ages 1-4

This book is part of a “How to” series, perfect for introducing daily routines in toddler’s lives. Featuring adorable animal characters, color pictures, and fun rhymes. Other topics include teeth brushing, sleeping, and being a good eater. In every story a child has their very own baby animal to care for.

How Do You Take a Bath? By Kate McMullan; Illustrated by Sydney Hanson, 2018
Recommended ages 4-8

Follow these adorable animals in this rhyming picture book. Highlighting the different ways animals take a bath, from pig rolling in the mud, cats liking themselves clean, to polar bear scrubbing their face with snow. These silly illustrations show children attempting to bathe themselves the same way, asking the question, “how do you take a bath?” By the end of the story, you see the child’s bath routine that doesn’t involve mud, snow, or licking oneself. A truly silly and fun bathtime book.