10 Ways to Build Your Home Library

Building an extensive and diverse library shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, and it doesn’t have to! Use these 10 tips and tricks to start filling those shelves in no time.

Local Library Sales

A lot of libraries have these frequently, a few times a year, or even once per month. My local library recently held one and they allowed patrons to bring any size bag from home and fill it for $5! Let’s just say we snagged a lot of “new” books to add to our collection for next to nothing. All sales went towards funding the library, so not only is this a way a cheap way to build your home library it allows you the opportunity to support your local library. 

Request Books Over Cards/Gifts

You can start doing this before your baby ever arrives. It’s become very popular that the mom to be will request a book instead of a card on their baby shower invitations. A wonderful bonus is the gift giver can still write a note inside the cover of the book, just like a card. A wonderful message that will be seen over and over. Also when birthdays come around and your loved ones ask what to get your child, simply say a book! It will last longer and a book is a gift you get to open again and again.

Hold a Book Swap with Other Moms

This is a fantastic way to discover new books for free. The moms can agree to swap books until eventually the original comes back or you can just swap out indefinitely, you make the rules! Also this would be great to do with moms who have older children than your own because you’re even building your future library. Make it fun and bring some books for adults too, so those moms have goodies to take home as well. 

Dig Through Your Own Childhood Books

There is nothing more nostalgic than revisiting books you loved as a child. I personally was a big Dr. Suess fan and still really enjoy reading this series to my son. If you are fortunate enough to still have originals stuffed away in your parents attic, fantastic! If not you can purchase those really meaningful titles and share special reading moments with your child just the same.

Hit the Bookstores After the Holidays

I recently went to Barnes and Noble and low and behold next to the newly arranged Valentine’s collection was a collection of Christmas books marked down by more than 60%. Hitting bookstores after a recently celebrated holiday is a great way to get all those holiday favorites you saw on Instagram for much cheaper and tuck them away for next year!

Subscription Boxes 

We have been subscribed to Literati since I was pregnant with Atticus. I really enjoy the convenience of a curated boxed being shipped to me monthly. We are constantly introduced to new kidslit that is age appropriate for my son, there’s beautiful artwork, stylish book plates, and a personalized message included in the box every month. If you keep the entire box (which we often do) you receive a discount. Our monthly cost can be as low as $30 for the 5 books. There are many other fantastic boxes to try such as The Little Feminist Box,  Just Like Me Box, Gift Lit Box, The Reading Bug Box, Elephant Books Box, and Equal Opportunity Box.

Used Bookstore/Goodwill/Garage Sales

This is a fantastic way to get preowned books at a very low cost. You will often be surprised at some of the gems you can find through secondhand places. One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure!

Get a Library Card

This is a fantastic way to discover new books and keep things in rotation on your shelves. Even though you won’t own the books the silver lining is that you can peruse a wide variety and you don’t eat the money on the duds. That way you can save your money to buy the ones you really enjoyed and add them to your home collection. 

Host an Online Book Party 

Okay, so I can personally help you with this one! Usborne has a reputation for having high quality, engaging, and unique books and they are constantly getting better. As a consultant my favorite thing to do is help women earn free books to add to their home libraries. By hosting a virtual party and inviting all your mom friends and family you can earn free books from the party sales! On average I’ve helped woman earn anywhere between $100-$400 in free books! Never hesitate to ask me how.

Book Fairs 

Nothing beats a scholastic book fair, I remember being so excited as a child when they came around. The great thing is you can physically browse the books before buying and some are as low as $1 a piece. Nowadays you can even shop fairs online year around.

Little Free Library’s

These are popping up all over neighborhoods and local parks. They are mostly glass cases mounted with a wooden post filled with books, for adults and children. The idea is you replace one for each one you take. This is a great way to discover new literature for free and pay it forward!

Online Discount Bookstores

Two of my favorite are bookbundler.com and bookoutlet.comBook Bundler is great because you can choose a bundle of gently used books based on age, theme, or even series at great prices. The books end up being a surprise and each box is different which adds an element of fun, in my opinion. We love to get their Christmas bundle before the holidays. At Book Outlet you can also find many popular titles at extremely discounted prices.

I absolutely love finding new gems to add to our collection and these are the ways I’m able to do it consistently and on a budget. I hope you found something valuable or maybe discovered something you hadn’t thought of. 

Happy Reading!