In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

I love a good romance book. Not the steamy, overly descriptive, sexually charged ones (No judgement if that’s your thing!). I enjoy a fun, feel good romantic comedy, and this book definitely hit those marks.

The protagonist Maelyn Jones is at a dreamy Utah cabin with her family and two other beloved families for their annual Christmas celebration. Every year for as long as she can remember her family, her parent’s best friends from college, and their children spend a week in this winter wonderland making memories and carrying on longstanding traditions. Maelyn is particularly dissatisfied this year after having to move back in with her mom at age 26, being at a dead end job, and making the biggest mistake of her life by making out with Theo in the mudroom (AKA the wrong brother). Andrew is Mae’s lifelong crush and Theo’s older brother. Not only is she terrified Andrew will find out but she’s mortified at the thought of their mom and dad, her parents best friends finding out too. To make matters worse Theo and Andrew’s parents announce they’re selling the cabin and it will be their last year at her favorite place in the whole world.  

On their drive back to the airport Mae is mentally spinning out. She begs the universe to show her what will make her happy, but her thought is interrupted by an abrupt and lethal car crash. Tires screech, metal grinds, and everything goes black. Suddenly Mae gasps awake and she is on an airplane headed to Utah once again. This is her second time to live December 20th and experience this holiday. One ridiculous demise after another continues to send her right back to the plane on December 20th. Maelyn must now figure out how to break this mysterious time loop and find true happiness. Each time she learns a little more from her last mistake. Will she finally get the courage to tell Andrew how she feels and is he the key to her happiness? 

I read this book the week of Christmas and it was perfect, festive and full of holiday magic. It’s filled with comedy, budding romance, and Christmas cheer. There’s an excellent cast of characters, each extremely likable. Each time Maelyn gets sent back it’s because of a hysterical freak accident. Eventually she’s fed up and becomes Mae with no filter (Which is hilariously satisfying) and oddly enough this leads her closer to solving this “Groundhog day” fiasco. My favorite part was watching the journey of Mae and Andrew unfold. I really enjoyed the ending and it definitely provided closure (not a fan of open-ended stories if it’s not a series.) If you love Romcoms and everything Christmas this is a must read! Book includes some profanity and sexual activity.